About Us



Al Waqar building demolition are multi-disciplined contractor who put safety at the forefront of any project, with over 15 years’ experience in the demolition you can be assured of a professional service.

Our highly skilled and experienced workforce are trained to the highest ability, with a director’s hands on approach Al Waqar building demolition staff have the back up and support required to complete projects in a safe, efficient and professional manner for which we have become recognized for. 

Al Waqar building demolition is committed to the minimization of waste and continually review processes and procedures to ensure any materials that can be recycled, we currently achieve our 80% recycling policy.

Al Waqar building demolition operates a fleet of up to date excavation, access plant and associated mechanical and non-mechanical plant. Our equipment is well maintained, tested and on site as required to complete each contract.

Al Waqar building Demolition head office is based in Butina, Sharjah


Health, Safety and Environmental policy

 It is the policy of AL WAQAR to regard the promotion of health, safety, welfare and environmental measures as a mutual objective of the company, its employees at all levels and any other persons affected by al Waqar operation. The prime responsibility for safe operation and place of work rest clearly upon all sections of management.

This policy is the direct concern of Al Waqar senior management and the safety advisers. They are accountable to Al Waqar directors for its overall implementation.

Al Waqar is fully committed to giving the highest priority to safeguarding the health and safety of employees and all who may be associated with its activities.

Al Waqar believes that the prevention of accidents and loss or damage to property is an integral part of its management operation.

Every effort will be made including the allocation of adequate resources to ensure compliance with statutory obligation, in order to provide a healthy and safe environment for employees and others who may be affected by company operations.

Al Waqar will ensure, so far is reasonably practicable, safe places and system of work, the provision of safe plant and machinery, the safe handling of materials and the provision of adequate safety equipment. It will also ensure that adequate information, instruction, training and supervision are given to employees to enable them to perform their duties safely.




We have a wide work experience in Sharjah and as well as in our Dubai branch. We have worked along with government and have received many awards and appreciation certificates regarding our good work. Some of our really huge projects are described below: 

 Al Habtoor Group

We have successfully completed our demolition tasks with Al Habtoor Group by demolishing a G+3 (40 buildings) of the famous Metropolitan Hotel in just a short time span of 2 months. We have a good experience towards our tasks. 

Sharjah Police

We have worked along Sharjah Police by demolishing Fire Fighting Towers with complete safety and received an Award of Appreciation (a copy of which is attached to the documents). We have a really good position in the Government.

Al Hikma Group

We have demolished some parts of old Ajman Free Zone and we completed our work with great efforts and al Hikma group was really impressed by our efforts. They then added us in their further projects as well.

 Sharjah Ladies Club and Sharjah University

We have done demolition work in some parts of SHJ ladies club and also in SHJ University. We do our work with great devotion. And we offer manageable qualified employees. 

Old Sharjah Court

We have demolished SHJ old court in clock tower area and submitted the site in a clean manner to the premises and in managed time.

Central Hospital

We have done a complete demolition of Central hospital and have done it in required estimated time with all our efforts and efficacy.

 Amity University 

We have done a major part in the renovation of amity university and has demolished some parts as per there plans.

 Adnan Safrani Eng. Consultant and QHC 

We have been part of some of the most famous consultant groups like Adnan safrani’s and QHC. Our experience span has been very wide and we have an experience to deal with every work with our hard work.

 Bukhatir Group and AL Shafar Group

We have given our contributions to Bukhatir group and we have demolished drainage heavy tanks present in ground and we have experience of above 15 years.